Tails of Hope Dog Rescue

Where every dog deserves a happy tail!
Adoption Requirements

Before you spend the time filling out the pre-adopt application, please realize there are some requirements.

  • Tails of Hope will adopt outside the Memphis area as long as one of our volunteers does the transport. This is due to the fence check, home meet, proper introductions with current dogs and less stress on the adoptable dog during transport. Additionally, if for some reason the meet does not move forward, the dog can easily be brought back to the foster home. There will be an additional transport fee for adoptions outside the Memphis area. 

  • All yards must have a secured attached fence. This is not required by apartment or condo dwellers.

  • We do adopt to apartment, townhouse and condo residents, but please keep in mind not all dogs are a good fit for apartments.

  • For renters, please check with your landlord in case there are breed or size limitations.

  • Please contact your vet and have a medical release on file.

  • All pups under 6 months of age will only be adopted into homes with at least one existing dog. Puppies get destructive, stressed and bored when left alone. Puppies also learn from another dog, which makes them a better adult dog. Many end up being put outside, taken to shelters or returned to us. This is in place for the benefit of the family and the puppy.

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